Why Do I Want To Be Mayor?

For several years now, I have heard some people whisper and others shout that there are two Chattanoogas: One for the Haves and one for the Have Nots. This is absolutely true today, and it’s been true my entire life. The question today is, “Are we going to allow this situation to continue to exist for our children and grandchildren?”

When will enough be enough? Isn’t it time that we all stand together and demand more from our leaders? Shouldn’t there just be one prosperous and growing Chattanooga for us all?

I want to be Mayor of Chattanooga because the time is now for us to come together to create opportunity and prosperity for all of us, not just a fortunate few. Whether we live in East Brainerd or East Chattanooga, Normal Park or Alton Park, we should all enjoy safe neighborhoods and thriving communities. Most importantly, every Chattanoogan should have a clear and direct path to the middle class. Our goal has to be for every family to at least attain middle class status. Let’s turn the American Dream into the Chattanooga Reality!

If I am elected Mayor, I will focus on a few key areas including:

Free Public Transit for All
A Leading Parks & Recreation Dept.
Affordable Housing

Bruell 2021
Campaign Bio.

When I was a boy growing up on Highland Avenue in Alton Park, I could easily walk the 3 blocks to Chattanooga Glass Company. It never occurred to me that I didn’t know a single adult who worked there. Chattanooga Glass offered good-paying manufacturing jobs, but those jobs were not for the African-Americans who lived in my neighborhood, just a stone’s throw from the plant.

As I grew older and walked to and from Calvin Donaldson Elementary, I would pass grocery stores, service stations, barber shops, and other small businesses. I knew the houses where the doctors and lawyers lived, and all the neighbors would greet me by name.

In short, the Alton Park where I grew up was a safe, vibrant community that offered my family most of the essentials we needed to support our household. Now, it’s a very different neighborhood.

My mother and I lived with my grandparents (Frank and Mary Moore), and much of our family life was centered around Union Grove Baptist Church (of which my grandparents were early members).

In 1973, I entered Baylor School (as 1 of only 2 African-American students). After middle and high school there, I graduated in 1979 as Baylor’s first African-American graduate. From Baylor, I attended Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, from which I graduated with a degree in Economics.

In my professional life, I have mostly worked for myself and been able to chart my own course. As an entrepreneur, I have been a strategic marketing consultant, general contractor, magazine publisher, and investment advisor. I have also held positions of responsibility with large corporations (Coca-Cola, Marriott, Unum, and Morgan Stanley).

Currently, I work as a Consultant to small businesses and non-profit organizations and am also a shareholder in two startup companies in Chattanooga’s Innovation District.

As a community volunteer, I have been Board Chair of Glass House Collective (a neighborhood revitalization and creative place-making organization in East Chattanooga). I have also been Founder of the Harvard Alumni Partnership to Advance Non-Profits (HAPAN), Vice Chairman of the Atlanta Beltline Tax Allocation District Advisory Committee (TADAC), and Chairman of Chattanooga Venture (way back in the 90s). I am currently an Entrepreneurship Mentor at The Company Lab (CoLab) in Chattanooga.

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Throughout my life, I have worked hard to make my city better and to create opportunities for others. This is what I want to continue to do as Mayor. Now is the time for all of us to come together to create one progressive and prosperous Chattanooga for all.

Thank You!Thank you very much for your support!

I am now endorsing Tim Kelly to be Chattanooga’s next Mayor. Please visit https://www.kellyforcha.com to find out how you can best support Tim.